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Classical pianist, Master in Music Research and PhD student, I studied with L. Chiantore in Musikeon (Spain), attending also classes with other great masters such as A. de Larrocha, J. M. Colom and Luis F. Pérez, in my admiration for the Spanish piano repertoire. Surrounded by an artistical environment since a young age, I broadened my career in several areas of the performing arts, studying contemporary and flamenco dance, jazz and flamenco vocal techniques, acting and physical theater.  Since 2005 I have been working as a pianist, actress, singer, dancer and choreographer with companies such as Eureka Teatro, Tercero Izquierda Teatro or the 4 Hands 4 Feet Piano duet, together with Diego Ghymers. Having always been fascinated by the interactions between music and action, I have performed original live music for theatre plays and silent films since 2005 till today. From 2010 to 2012 I studied traditional performing arts at ISI Yogyakarta, focusing on gamelan, sindhen vocal tecniques, as well as javanese, sundanese and balinese dance, and specialising in Sanggar Seni Satriya Lelana (Bali) and Sanggar Purwa Kencana (Cirebon, Java) during the following years.  Since 2014 I have given courses and masterclasses on Balinese dance and theater in centres such as ESAD (Valencia) and RESAD (Madrid) as well as advising companies like Teatre de l’Abast or Lluvia Horizontal on oriental techniques and choreography of the movement. A pioneer of Balinese dance in Spain, I have created experimental dance pieces based on artistic expressions from Indonesia and the show-conference on Balinese dance and culture Tari Bali. Gods, angles and bronze, with which I have performed throughout the Spanish territory, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Madrid since 2013.  Simultaneously  to  the  creative  activity,  and in  addition  to  participating  in 



numerous multicultural projects in countries such as Malaysia or Singapore, since 2012 I collaborate regularly with the Cervantes Institute, conducting courses and conferences on the theory and practice of flamenco as well as Spanish repertoire for piano in Southeast Asian schools and universities. I officially reside in Indonesia since 2010, although I alternate with long stays in Spain, while continuing to explore the possibilities of sound and the intersections between disciplines and cultures with endless curiosity, admiration and sense of humor.


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