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Classical pianist and Master in Music Research, I studied with L. Chiantore in Musikeon (Spain), attending also classes with other great masters such as A. de Larrocha, J. M. Colom and Luis F. Pérez, in my admiration for the Spanish piano repertoire. Having always been fascinated by the interactions between sound and movement, I broadened my career on several areas of the performing arts, ending up working, since 2005, as an actress, singer, dancer or choreographer and performing original live music for theatre plays and silent films. From 2010 to 2012 I got the Darmasiswa Scholarship to study traditional performing arts at ISI Yogyakarta, learning about the musics for gamelan, sindhen vocal tecniques, as well as javanese, sundanese and balinese dance. During the following years I got further lessons and experiences in other places such as Sanggar Seni Satriya Lelana (Bali), Kyoto Arts Institute (Japan) or Sanggar Purwa Kencana (Cirebon, Java). Since researching Indonesian performing arts, I carry out a cultural exchange mission collaborating with KBRI Madrid and the Ministry of Culture of Indonesia, being the pioneer of the Balinese dance and theatre in Spain. Often collaborating with the Cervantes Institute, I also share my experience in Spanish piano repertoire and Flamenco music and dance with global audiences all around South East Asia since 2010. Living between Indonesia and Spain I keep exploring the possibilities of sound and the intersections between cultures and disciplines with endless curiosity, admiration and sense of humor. 





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